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Horse Riding Lessons For Kids (4-6)


It’s never too early to become horse crazy! And what better way to do that than with Equestrian Canada Certified Instructors. At EmPower U Equine, we will start your child out on their life long journey with horses.  


Utilizing fun and interactive games we will teach your child about proper safety around horses, how to groom their horse and lead their horse safely. They will learn how to walk and stop their horse and become comfortable and confident in the saddle.


Our programs take place in five-week sessions and camp settings, where the lesson horse, tack and all other equipment is provided for you. All students in our program are required to wear an approved equestrian helmet and appropriate boots with a heel. Each week your child will have take-home material to help keep them interested, engaged and excited to return.

Youth Beginner Western Riding Lessons

(8 Years & Up)

Do you have a youngster in your life who dreams of learning to ride a horse? 

Do they want to learn how to ride from an Equine Canada Certified Instructor who will set them up for success? 

Do you think that there is no way that this could happen because you don’t have a saddle let alone a horse? 


Here at EmPower U Equine, we can make those dreams become a reality. 


You can take comfort in knowing that the Instructors are fully certified and have met all the Equestrian Canada requirements to be able to start your child on the road to a life-long passion. We provide lesson horses and tack and have helmets and boots available. 


All students in our program are required to wear an approved equestrian helmet and appropriate boots with a heel.  


Our program includes horsemanship, grooming, proper mounting and dismounting, tacking up, horse care, horse health, and proper riding techniques. Programs are run in 5-week sessions with one-hour lessons each week. We will meet your rider where they are at, and allow them to progress at their own level in our fun and engaging youth beginner western riding lessons.

Youth Riding Lesson 6+

At EmPower U Equine, we are committed to promoting the sport of equestrian for anyone who has a passion for horses and a desire to learn to ride. Whether you have no horse experience or have been riding for a while, we will encourage and inspire you to make your dreams of learning to ride a horse become a reality.  


Our program is from the ground up to the saddle, promoting proper horsemanship skills and riding skills. We offer peace of mind for parents and students alike in our commitment to safety and adhering to Equestrian Canada guidelines. Our program is designed for beginner riders who have little to no horse experience.

riding lessons for youth
horse riding lessons for kids

Equestrian Canada's coaching program is developed in partnership with the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) and Sport Canada. Equestrian Canada is one of 67 sports participating in the NCCP, which represents coaching excellence in Canada. The EC coaching program is the only Canadian equestrian coaching and instructor certification program also recognized internationally (FEI, IGEQ), and by Coaches of Canada and the Canadian Olympic Committee. 


The Equestrian Canada National Coaching Certification Program has the following objectives:


  • To offer an acceptable standard of developing coaching/instructing expertise.

  • To provide a structure whereby coaches/instructors can enter and progress as they improve their coaching/instructing expertise.

  • To ensure the integration of the Coaching Certification Program into an overall strategy of coaching education.

  • To improve the level of performance and competence of Canadian equestrian coaches/instructors and their students.


If you are a student looking for lessons ensuring that your Instructor has obtained their certification will verify that:

  • Has been evaluated at a high level and meets NCCP standards for professionalism and competence as an equestrian coach or instructor.

  • Maintains their certification, and is therefore dedicated to lifelong learning and advancement through regular professional development.

  • Has obtained relevant insurance to protect themselves and their students.

  • Has taken training regarding concussion awareness and prevention.

  • Has taken training in making ethical decisions.

  • Has obtained their Respect in Sport certificate.

  • Has an approved Emergency Action Plan.

To Maintain Certification your Instructor must have:

  • Have a current SHF Membership

  • Annual Equine Canada Sports License at the required level.

  • Provide proof of current Standard First Aid with Level C CPR Certificate on file.

  • Proof of an acceptable criminal record and vulnerable sector check once every five years.

  • Proof of the required professional development credits for their specific certification.

horsemanship lessons for kids


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