Jackie grew up on a mixed farm in Aylsham, Saskatchewan. The oldest of four kids, she made the move to the Air Force after graduating high school. Upon completing her three year contract, Jackie attended Olds College in Alberta, majoring in beef management. Jackie returned to the family farm where she began managing the day to day operations along-side her dad. Horses have played a vital role in Jackie’s adult life. She is actively involved in the Carrot River Light Horse 4-H program, and the President of the Outback KCRA Rodeo. She is a member of Carrot River’s Economic Tourism Board and sits on the Carrot River Recreation Board and Community Promotions. Jackie is the owner operator of Southern Cross Arena, where EmPower U Equine operates out of.  She is a Level 4 Western Rider with Equine Canada, and hosts numerous kids camps and clinicians at her equine facility. Jackie, along with her Australian husband, Todd, and their two beautiful daughters, Jessica and Emily, operate Southern Cross Livestock Graziers. Both Jackie’s daughters have a deep passion for horses, and are proof horses can help you through the trials and tribulations life. Jackie knows the value of hard work and is committed to showing everyone who comes to Southern Cross Arena how their lives can be transformed by working with horses. 


Helping people has always been a priority for Shannon, and she couldn’t think of a better way to do that then through Equine Assisted Learning. Horses have been a part of her life since before she can remember. Growing up the daughter of a race horse trainer, she knew very early on horses were her passion. After graduating from the University of Manitoba with a degree in agriculture, Shannon made the move from Manitoba to Saskatchewan where she calls home today. Since making Carrot River, Saskatchewan her home 20 years ago, she has been committed to being involved in her community. She helped to establish Blessing in a Backpack, a local non-profit organization that helps to deal with food insecurity in school age children. She was a founding member of Carrot River’s own chapter of KidSport Saskatchewan, has volunteered with Carrot River Minor Hockey, and established a program at the elementary school to share her passion for running with the students. 


Today she is working towards her diploma in Equine Sciences from the University of Guelph, as well as completing her Western Rider levels with Equine Canada. She is a Certified Equi-Health Canada First Aid Instructor, and serves as a Director with the Outback KCRA Rodeo. She is a single mom to two teenage boys, a cancer survivor, and in her spare time is a proud rider with the Outback Drill Team! Horses have gotten Shannon through some of the most difficult times in her life, and she is excited for others to experience the power of the horse. 


Barbie has always had a passion for horses and helping people. Growing up in a loving home with a sister, who lives with special needs, is what drove her passion to helping people and she has dedicated her life to doing just that. Barbie earned a Rehabilitation Worker Certificate and works as an Educational Assistant at the High School in Carrot River where she works hard to inspire the students she works with to be the best they can be. Barbie's love for horses started at an early age and they have always held a special place in her heart. Being a lifelong learner, Barbie continues to grow her knowledge in the equine industry. She is an active member in her community, along with her husband and 4 wonderful children. Barbie is also a 4-H General Leader, Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator and Equine Canada Western Riding Instructor and a member of Saskatchewan’s Outback KCRA Rodeo Committee. Her energy and love of life is evident in the work she does. She is a positive leader with the ability to turn any situation into a fun learning experience. Barbie longs to inspire others through the power of the horse.




Miss Hollywood Raya, also known as “Ace” is a six year old, sorrel, American Quarter Horse. As her registered name implies, Ace is often referred to as the Drama Queen in the arena! She was the horse that no one picked! While the other horses in her herd were chosen for 4-H, rodeo or to take part in the show ring, she was left behind. In July of 2017, Ace was the horse that was chosen! She has had to work really hard to catch up to the rest of the horses in her herd, and still has a long way to go. She loves being included, but has had to work hard to make that happen. At times she lets her insecurities get the best of her, and she looks for someone with confidence to help her on her way. She can often be seen chewing on things, and doesn’t like when everybody leaves her alone - she is quick to make sure you know that. She has a heart of gold, wants to do her best, and never wants to disappoint you. Ace has taken part in Cowboy Challenges, is a member of the Outback Drill Team and loves riding across the pasture chasing cows!


Comet came to Southern Cross as a colt to take part in the 4-H young horse project. Comet is a well-trained performance horse, but has the ability to connect with each and every person who works him at their level. His size is intimidating, but his heart is even bigger. He is a gentle giant always prepared to give a 110% no matter the job. He is able to teach each others confidence as they both master new skill, trust as they communicate and will try anything. He demands respect and lets you know when you are not being a leader. Comet has taken part in barrel racing, been to the show ring, obstacle challenges, and is a leader in the Outback Drill Team. 


Chrome is an American quarter horse. She is 15.3 hh and was born on May 10, 2011. Chrome is a sorrel mare, with a blaze face and two white socks. Chrome is named after her dad, Carbon Copy Jack. Chrome came to Southern Cross as a foal and has helped Jackie through many struggles. As a two year old the two of them spent many hours in the barn together brushing, leading and talking, as this was the year Jackie’s dad was diagnosed with cancer. This is the first horse Jackie truly felt connected with. Chrome has been to some small shows, done some barrel racing, even beginner lessons, and performs like a queen in the Outback Drill Team. She is a dependable cow chasing horse, and is often relied on to get the job done!


Poco was the runt of the sale and was purchased  because no one else wanted her. She took years to grow into a horse. She was unbalanced for the first years of her life and no one thought she was would make a good riding horse. She has a heart of gold and has taught many beginners. She is always patient and has been able to help many people get over there fear of not only horses, but getting on with life. Poco has been a 4-H horse, been to the show ring, a drill team horse and has competed in obstacle challenges. Poco is the favourite at kids camp because of her friendly personality, and is the star of the show in riding lessons.  


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