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Warrior Wellness Workshops & Retreats For Frontline Workers


Do you work in the front line helping to serve and protect the rest of us?  


Or are you an organization that works to support these amazing men and women that sacrifice each day?   


Whether you are a nurse, firefighter, police, EMT, military personnel or are now retired…. YOU are a WARRIOR.  


But even warriors need support.


Anxiety, depression, PTSD, a decline in your mental health and trauma informed responses are all common in the line of work you do. You may be feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and helpless at the moment. Maybe this has left you feeling misunderstood and alienated from those that love you. Have you been scared to ask for help from the fear of being judged and the stigma you may feel?


What if you could step away from those thoughts and feelings if even for a moment, and step towards a space that is free of judgment and has an amazing herd of horses waiting to help.  

No horse experience is necessary prior to attending our wellness programs for warriors! Whether you’re an experienced rider or have never been near a horse, your success with these wellness programs are entirely up to you. All the work is done is from the ground. This provides the best opportunity for each equine partner to teach in their natural environment. Because everyone learns in their own unique way, our program has been designed to incorporate the different styles of learning. Our programs utilize visual, auditory, verbal, physical, logical, and social tools.


Acknowledging you need support can be scary, but what if that support could come from a HORSE?  


We are NOT therapists and we are NOT counsellors, but what we are is passionate about helping humans connect with horses and create a partnership in our Equine Wellness program that is researched, tested and offers effective results. 


Why horses? Because horses don’t judge. They live in the moment and offer us teachable moments for personal self-reflection. They can teach us about acceptance and tolerance and seeing the world through a different set of lenses. Their superior social skills are unmatched to any other animal and have allowed them to survive for millions of years.  


You may be in survival mode at the moment and not knowing how you are going to get through the next day. You share a lot in common with a horse who is driven by this same instinct to survive. 

Warrior Wellness Workshops & Retreats For Frontline Workers

Our Certified Facilitators will help you learn more about yourself through partnering with our herd in objectively driven and hands on experience that will have you seeing your life different. Our herd will help you to understand your boundaries, learn how to communicate and negotiate through a situation, speak up and ask for help as well as feel supported and encouraged by a team.  


Warrior Programs
Weekday Warrior Program

This program can have guests attending the ranch once weekly for six or eight or 12 weeks, or attend for five consecutive days.  Here we will focus on essential life skills they will add to their personal tool kit for survival. 


Sessions are one hour and fifteen minutes in length and will challenge each guest to step outside of their comfort zone and to think outside of the box for strategies to reach success. 


The experiences they gain from the arena can then be transferred back into their everyday lives at home, in the workplace and in their personal relationships. Here the herd will help them to realize what is possible, and to think like a horse! 



  • Five Equine Facilitated Wellness Sessions

  • Refreshments and snack

  • All equipment and material required. 

  • Minimum participant enrollment is 6

Weekend Warrior Program

This two day retreat style program will have participants leaving with a renewed sense of self. Here they would have the opportunity to fully emerge themselves in an experience like no other, embracing the beauty of being surrounded by horses and the quiet serenity of the northern Saskatchewan. 




  • Four Equine Facilitated Wellness Sessions based on your organizations desired outcome for the retreat. 

  • Wonder and Wisdom Energy Session

  • Create and Connect - Art and Sound Therapy

  • Mindset and Motivation Session

  • Camp Fires

  • Rise and Shine Yoga

  • Time to Relax, Refresh, Recharge and Download

  • Opportunity for individual private sessions (additional cost)

  • Meals, snacks and materials required

  • Arrangements can be made for accommodations. 

Personal Power Workshop

This one day experience will leave guests with the skills and confidence to face life's greatest hurdles, all with the help of a horse of course. Arriving at the ranch in the morning they will spend the day learning a little more about themselves through the eyes of a horse. The life skills that are learned in the arena will help each guest on their own personal journey to become more self-confident and self-aware and regain their own personal power. 



  • Three Equine Facilitated Wellness Sessions

  • Mindset and Motivation Session

  • Time to Recharge and Download

  • Country style lunch, morning and afternoon refreshments.

  • All equipment and material required. 

  • Minimum Participant enrollment is 4.

You Dream It,
We Create It!

You tell us what you want and we create it! It's that simple. We are here with one soul purpose, and that is to partner for success to help people connect with horses and become their most authentic self. 




  • Time frame you have to work with?

  • Who is our target audience?

  • What are the key objectives you would like us to tackle?

  • How many people will we need to accommodate?

  • What is your budget?

  • Do you want us to provide the food?

  • Can we collaborate with other professionals to reach the objective?

  • Will you be travelling to and from the ranch?

  • Are you looking for us to arrange accommodations during your stay? 

If you haven't seen exactly what you were looking for, or have any further questions, please contact us and we would be happy to work together to design the perfect event for your organization.

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