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We need more creative ways to teach youth. This program does just that! My students will hold this creative and positive learning experience in their memories forever. Thanks again!


At the beginning I was nervous, but I got more and more comfortable with the horses. The facilitators were amazing!


I have noticed more confidence in the kids. They’ve been more communicative and outgoing. They have shown better teamwork and are more assertive. The staff is very enthusiastic, knowledgeable, friendly, and kid-entered.


The horse I worked with is a trooper. He doesn’t judge which is nice so you don’t have to worry about being judged. He is very unique and cute.


My horse just wants to be loved. Dealing with him makes me forget about all the bad things. He makes me smile and happy.


What I witnessed was the transformation of fear and hesitation to an overwhelming sense of trust, love and peace with these young students. It was truly memorable to see how well the facilitators could tap into that very disruptive spirit and walk them through this program with such ease. The students, some of whom are constantly in my office, came in with a real nonchalant attitude, an attitude of why am I here, left with such a sense of peace that you could feel. They were calm on the way back to the school, and discussed with me everything they felt or overcame with their particular horse. It is truly incredible to watch just how much of an impact these horses and coaches had on our students that day.



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